strong ADJECTIVE (stronger, strongest) 1) physically powerful. 2) done with or exerting great force. 3) able to withstand great force or pressure. 4) secure, stable, or firmly established. 5) great in power, influence, or ability. 6) great in intensity or degree. 7) (of language or actions) forceful and extreme. 8) (of something seen or heard) not soft or muted. 9) pungent and full-flavoured. 10) (of a solution or drink) containing a large proportion of a substance. 11) used after a number to indicate the size of a group: a crowd several thousands strong. 12) Grammar (of verbs) forming the past tense and past participle by a change of vowel within the stem rather than by addition of a suffix (e.g. swim, swam, swum).
come on strong — Cf. ↑come on strong
going strong — Cf. ↑going strong
strong on — Cf. ↑strong on
strong meat — Cf. ↑strong meat
DERIVATIVES strongly adverb.
ORIGIN Old English, related to STRING(Cf. ↑stringed).

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